My semester at Kyungduk Girls’ High School in Daegu, South Korea

The Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education recently held a workshop and dinner where they invited Native English Teachers who were involved in special after-school projects to give a presentation on their work. Here is my complete presentation: Download the PowerPoint presentation Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for having me here tonight. I […]

Autumn in Korea: Take a walk with me (Video)

Have I mentioned that I really love autumn in Korea? The way the leaves change colour and crunch beneath your feet as you walk to school. People get giddy for spring, and I admit, I’ve had my fair share of spring fever, but there is something about autumn that makes me smile, a deep, inside […]

A festive (bookish) affair

  On Saturday, 29 October the Daegu Global Education Center hosted a spectacular event for the city’s elementary, middle and high school students – a book festival! Guest English teachers from all over the world came together to share stories from our home countries with students and their parents. There were traditional folk stories from […]

5 back-to-school tips for the new semester

September not only heralds in a newer, cooler season; it is also the start of the second semester in elementary schools in South Korea. I’ve compiled a list of five things I’ve been doing to prepare myself for the next semester, to make sure I am refreshed and ready for when the bustling boys and […]

On finding English books in South Korea (part 3) and a trip to Seoul

  Every time I go to Seoul, I threaten to move there for good. Seoul is the stuff that romantic old-time movies are made of. It’s modern and traditional at the same time, an otherworldly experience that sweeps me up and makes me want to write (bad) poetry. I suppose I’ll settle for prose. The […]

The most amazing ice cream lesson: Confessions of a TEFL teacher

  My husband thinks I’m crazy. He might be right. Picture this: a tiny, pudgy, slightly red teacher arrives at school in the pouring rain, carrying 4 kilograms of ice and two litres of milk. Inside her massive backpack she’s got Ziplock bags in two different sizes, a kilogram of sugar, 2 kilograms of salt […]

Video: Celebrating Diversity at the 2016 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival

  If there’s one thing about Korea I’d love to take back to South Africa, it’s their ability not only to host, but also to come out in droves to support, an amazing festival. Last weekend, I went to the 2016 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival at the Gukchaebosung Memorial Park in the Jung-gu District (next […]