3 reasons why you have to eat 꼬치

  I want to tell you about the amazing food experience I had the other night. It’s called 꼬치 (Go-chi) and it will change your life. I know what you’re thinking: What’s so special about food on a stick? We do it everywhere. In South Africa, for example, we have “sosaties”: Kyk net hoe lekker […]

Nothing beats Korean food and hospitality

Some time during the 2016 EPIK orientation in Busan last week, an instructor said something that stuck in my head: You’re only a bad teacher if you don’t take the time to reflect. The past few weeks have been insane. I cannot believe that I’m back in Daegu, South Korea. More than that, I can’t […]

After Toast: A Story about the Kindness of Strangers

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ― Desmond Tutu Today, something spectacular happened. But first, some background. A few weeks ago I braced the Joburg rains and my own shyness to attend the launch of a new cookbook called TWO […]

Fantastic food

When I was in Thailand, every moment was about foraging for food. I woke up in the morning thinking, “Yes! It’s daylight! What can I eat?” Everything tasted light and fruity and delicious, from the Pad Thai to the Mai Thai’s to the mangoes on a stick. I lived for mealtimes, to discover the country through its […]

Weekly photo challenge: renewal

Renewal in four shots Steam on – Every morning I walk past this mandu (steamed dumplings) restaurant, and some mornings, when the air is cold enough, the steam from the giant chimney billows in the air like the breath from a giant dragon. I’ve been trying to capture the fleeting image with my Cannon point-and- shoot for […]