“Fun!” – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative. Petarrr, the travelling rabbit, in a love motel in Gimhae, Busan, South Korea: Love motels in Korea are a serious business. I won’t go into what you DO in a love motel, I’m sure my readers […]

Exploring Busan’s Bookstore Alley

I’ve never experienced a country that treasures books as much as Korea does. Our guesthouse in Busan was filled with books, but it’s when we ventured outside that we were really in for a surprise.     During our brief stay in the Jungu area of Busan, Sean and I tried to explore every secret […]

Nothing beats Korean food and hospitality

Some time during the 2016 EPIK orientation in Busan last week, an instructor said something that stuck in my head: You’re only a bad teacher if you don’t take the time to reflect. The past few weeks have been insane. I cannot believe that I’m back in Daegu, South Korea. More than that, I can’t […]