Autumn in Korea: Take a walk with me (Video)

Have I mentioned that I really love autumn in Korea? The way the leaves change colour and crunch beneath your feet as you walk to school. People get giddy for spring, and I admit, I’ve had my fair share of spring fever, but there is something about autumn that makes me smile, a deep, inside […]

Video: Fun at the Suseong Lake Festival in Daegu, South Korea

  This weekend, my friends and I visited the Suseong Lake Festival in the Suseong-gu District of Daegu, South Korea. Suseong Lake is one of my favourite places in Daegu. There is always something going on, whether it’s live music all around the lake or taking a boat out on the water. In fact, I […]

#SaveMe: Check out my high school students’ video on endangered animals!

For the past 15 weeks I’ve had the privilege of teaching a very special bunch of grade one high school girls. For our penultimate lesson, we explored the issue of endangered animals. The Sparkling Ladies designed posters and conceptualised, directed and starred in their own campaign video. Have a look! How I use my journalism […]

Video: Celebrating Diversity at the 2016 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival

  If there’s one thing about Korea I’d love to take back to South Africa, it’s their ability not only to host, but also to come out in droves to support, an amazing festival. Last weekend, I went to the 2016 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival at the Gukchaebosung Memorial Park in the Jung-gu District (next […]

An EPIK soundtrack – 7 songs to help you cope with the stress of teaching abroad

  Let’s get real for a second; living and teaching in a foreign country can take its toll. No matter where you go, there will be days when your students and colleagues will feel unreachable to you, the language incomprehensible, the culture impenetrable. When these moments arrive, it’s important to remind yourself that: 1. Mama […]

Video: This is how we do Sports Day in South Korea

  It was the day before Children’s Day and there was great excitement in the air. The halls of my school were unusually, almost eerily, quiet and the sun shone through the windows onto the empty plastic chairs. Outside on the great sports field, students lined up in front of their homeroom teachers, getting ready […]