It’s not that time of the year without … silly hats! (Daily Post Photo Challenge)

Show us the one thing without which your holiday season could never be complete.   Since leaving university, I’ve had three Novembers in the Northern Hemisphere, and three in the South. In South Africa, November means sun, water, smiles breaking through the ice. It’s putting away the blankets and stretching your arms to the high […]

October, October: My favourite month

  October is by far my favourite month. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the Northern Hemisphere or in the South, Autumn and Spring are side-by-side my two favourite seasons. October is not as giddy as September, nor as melancholic as November. It’s a light sweater on a cool day. It’s a soft breeze through […]

What are your writing resolutions?

I vowed never to make New Year’s resolutions again after my resolve to quit smoking lasted about ten minutes back in the early 2000s (don’t worry, I have since kicked the habit at a less stressful time). I’ve never been one for bandwagons, or jumping, so herewith are my writing resolutions for 2014 (but no […]