Poems under construction

So, I’ve been writing (bad) poetry since I can remember. I think the first ones were probably just rip-offs of bad Gé Korsten songs (but Annetjie, weren’t they all bad?) but we’ll forget about that. uHlanga Press recently announced that they will open admissions to unsolicited manuscripts in February 2017, and I decided to give […]

October, October: My favourite month

  October is by far my favourite month. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the Northern Hemisphere or in the South, Autumn and Spring are side-by-side my two favourite seasons. October is not as giddy as September, nor as melancholic as November. It’s a light sweater on a cool day. It’s a soft breeze through […]

These women’s bodies

In response to the 2017 Rio Olympics It seems that everywhere I turn People are talking about women’s bodies I know it’s not a new phenomenon Or even one that makes headlines I just thought we were more evolved than this, you know? And it’s not just men scrutinising women But men and women, poking […]

How to survive life in Korea: Be flexible and open to beautiful encounters

Friday morning, 8:35 AM. My co-teacher and I were standing by the window, basking in a sliver of sunlight and enjoying a soothing cup of tea. Mrs Lee was telling me about 꽃샘추위 (got sem chewy) – “the winter is jealous of the new season’s flowers”. It explains a lot, really. Just as the weather […]

I’ll probably spend my 30s roaming the planet, chasing the dream

I woke up this morning to the notification light on my phone flashing and my heart stopped cold. Ever since 30 December 2014 – this day last year – the sight of that green light continues to fill me with dread and despair. And yes, I know it’s bad to sleep with your phone next […]