7 of my favourite quotes on travel and storytelling

  There should be a word for the act of traveling and telling or collecting stories. Stories, like people, were never meant to be static. They’re fluid, changeable and ring a different truth from place to place. In the last week alone, I’ve heard stories full of potential. Like my Korean co-teacher, a coin collector, […]

New writing challenge: famous quotes

The mind is prone to bluntness. The only way to keep it sharp is to switch off the Kardashians and keep writing. As a self-imposed writing challenge this week I will go back to my page where I collect quotes about writing, and I will take a quote a day and unpack that quote. The […]

“color me with the chaos of trouble”

My biggest fear is being invisible… Cellophane Mister Cellophane Shoulda been my name Mister Cellophane ‘Cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I’m there… Like Amos from Chicago, an extra in someone else’s show. I don’t like that idea at all. Another fear of mine… is losing all […]