A festive (bookish) affair


On Saturday, 29 October the Daegu Global Education Center hosted a spectacular event for the city’s elementary, middle and high school students – a book festival!

Guest English teachers from all over the world came together to share stories from our home countries with students and their parents. There were traditional folk stories from South Africa (hosted by me and another South African teacher Courtnay Mower), Australia, Ireland, Canada and America as well as an entire room dedicated to Shakespeare where the students learned about Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


The GETs went all out. I saw costumes, crafts, games, riddles, and so many activities that I plan on using in my after school class, especially the Canadian games, traditional Inuit games and something called “pom pom hockey” (note to self: Google that asap!).

For the South African booth, my co-teacher Courtnay came up with an awesome story by Niki Daly called Not so fast, Songololo. We had 15 minutes to tell the story to the students and to make a cute key ring craft.


Not so fast, Songololo is the story of a little boy who helps his Gogo with her shopping, and at the end he is rewarded with a new pair of shoes. The word “songololo” is also the name of a millipede in South Africa, and the key ring is made from Songololo’s shoelaces. Plus it kind of looks like a worm, so it works on all levels.

We were a bit worried at first that the craft would be too difficult for the kids, but they cottoned on to it really quickly, and once they had it they did it better than me!

Each student had a little booklet in which they received stamps for completing different tasks. It was a quaint and festive day, surrounded by books and sweetness. Hats off to the folks at the DGEC!

Here are some more photographs of the events!

For more stories on the adventure that is EPIK, visit www.epikepress.com.

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