“Fun!” – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative.

Petarrr, the travelling rabbit, in a love motel in Gimhae, Busan, South Korea:


Love motels in Korea are a serious business. I won’t go into what you DO in a love motel, I’m sure my readers can fill those blanks themselves. But they do make a cheap and convenient layover (hehe) when you need to rest your head somewhere en route to somewhere else.

What always strikes me though is the variety in design of love motels. I’ve been in all kinds of love motels and I can tell you, no one is the same. This one looked like it was designed by Hunter S Thompson, or that he would have at least had a few good trips there. The seductive lighting bathed everything in hues of yellow and gold, there are mirrors on the roof, and the large bathroom is filled with a massive yellow spa bathtub which had me dreaming of whirlwind sex tornadoes, of course.

Did I mention the frenetic writing on the walls?

Petarrr had a blast. Love motels don’t always deserve their bad rep, and this one was clean, the staff were super helpful and the room was spacious and well-kept.

2 thoughts on ““Fun!” – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

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