Where to find English books in Daegu, South Korea (Part 2)


For the second part in my series on where to find English books in Daegu, South Korea, I’ve paid a visit to a rather obvious source – the library, of course!

It might be obvious for some, but many expats don’t know about the Daegu Metropolitan Jungang Library or that it has a fantastic English section with a wide range of children’s books, fiction, non-fiction and reference texts. I even spotted Teju Cole’s Every Day is for the Thief!


The Daegu Metropolitan Jungang Library is set in the heart of Daegu, in the Jung-gu District, near the Gukchaebosung Memorial Park. Take the red line (line one) to Jungang-ro Station and take the fourth exit. The library is a short walk from the 2.28 Jungang memorial park, which can be reached by a great number of buses as well.


I was attending the 2016 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival with two new friends, Palesa and Tumi, when Palesa told me that she really likes reading. I asked her if she’s been to the library yet (situated right behind the park) and we made our way there to become library members. The process was a tiny bit painful, all of it our fault. We missed the large “International Information Center” sign, opting instead to go to the main library on the second floor where we made the poor librarian sweat with our limited knowledge of Korean. The reward, however, was sweet, and we soon became proud members of the Jungang Library.


Palesa found a Jojo Moyes book that she promptly checked out from the lovely librarian, who informed us (in flawless English, we could’ve kicked ourselves) that the library is open everyday except on public holidays, and on the second and fourth Monday of every month. At the check-out counter there’s also a big calender which shows you when to return the books, so you’ll never be confused.

I hope you’ll visit the library too and tell all your friends!

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