Intro to Poetry, Day 6: “screen”

I recently started a 10-day #introtopoetry course, courtesy of WordPress. (You can sign up too.) My sixth assignment is “screen” and the literary device is enjambment.

Wake up
Read a text
Check your Facebook
23 notifications, wow!

Scroll, bleary-eyed, holding one hand up to
ward off the morning light.

Shower, but first open all the

Twitter, Instagram (9 hearts, yes!)
Gmail – oh crap there’s an email from work

Heart pounding, it’s your boss – what did you do this time?

Read it first –
No, shower, soap, wondering what’s up, need to read that –

“Hello Handsome,” you say
to yourself in the mirror
of your phone’s camera.
“How’re you doing today?”

Selfie #43 in the bag, hairstyle selected
Oh yes that email – just a reminder about a meeting
Scroll scroll scroll look a puppy, what’s that
scroll scroll scroll fucking hell So and So got married

Kiss your partner on the cheek while
walking out the door with your neck bent

Scroll. Scroll. How did that asshole from school get ahead
in life but great look the pretty girl got fat serves her

Scroll. Scroll. Beep beep bloody hell why
can’t people leave me alone do they think just because I’m online
I’m constantly available

Oh look a video of a fish doing something

Read my first, second, third, fourth and fifth attempt at writing poetry.

4 thoughts on “Intro to Poetry, Day 6: “screen”

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