The Daegu Stamp Trail and other awesome travel spots for TEFL teachers

The weekend before last, Sean and I started our Daegu Stamp Trail adventure.

When the time finally arrived we were more than ready (or so we thought). We had our itinerary, a map, water, biscuits and chewy fruit snacks and we set off to our first destination, the Arbor Vitae Forest. Of course, it would have helped if we’d packed our stamp books (see picture below):


We might have missed out on a few stamps but we spent a wonderful day at the “Forest of Oriental Arborvitae” in Do-dong, Daegu, experiencing the fantastic lake and butterfly sanctuary at Bongmu Park and ending the day on a cultural note at the Daegu Textile Museum. Did I mention our amazing Shabu Shabu lunch or spotting the missing link at the butterfly sanctuary?

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The next day, we were better prepared. We set off early morning, made sure our books were packed and started at the Gukchaebosung Park, where we learned more about how civil society banded together in the early 1900s to start the National Debt Repayment Movement.

We lost track of time at the Daegu Literature Museum, the Oriental Medicine Museum and Kyeong Sang Gam Park, visited the poet Yi Sang Hwa’s house and basked in nature at the Missionary Museum. We ended the day at Seomun Market, which was as usual bustling with people. At one point I found myself stuck between Sean and an Ajumma with a walking stick.

The Daegu Stamp Trail is a fun way to explore the city and surrounding areas. All you have to do is to find the tourism booth outside Debec Mall in downtown Daegu and to pick up your free stamp trail booklet. Inside, you’ll find all the participating places and you can use it to plan your next weekend trip. At most of these sites there will be a tourism officer in an information booth who will stamp your book.

So now, we have a total of seven stamps and a whole book still to go. I can’t wait to get more!

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