5 days to writing better: Thursday

Writers write, right? Here are five things you can do this week (with me) to become a better writer. And since big projects tend to scare (and excite, but mostly scare) me, we can take it day by day.

Thursday: Take a crash course in deleting. Remember that paragraph you worked on yesterday, picking out the best words? Now, cut it down. Get out your red pen and slash away! Be brutal. What is the absolute minimum number of words that you can use to make a point? Learn more: Verbal Gobbledygook: Editing Extra Words Out Of Your Writing.

There’s a brief A moment in the morning, before voices permeate my thoughts, and warped renditions of Edelweiss penetrate my ears from the third grade classrooms, before doors open and smartphone games irk my senses on the subway, a fleeting moment, between shrill laughter and barked orders, when my mind is still, and my cheeks feel the crisp air swirl around in the early silver dust at dawn.”


A moment in the morning

Before voices and Edelweiss

Doors open and smartphone games irk

Between laughter and orders 

My mind is still

Cheeks crisp air swirl silver dust at dawn



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