You tell me I have no experience

You tell me I have no experience, I have plenty, Sir.

You see this scar up my arm? It taught me to stand up and fight.

You see this cinch in my forehead? It’s from worrying about my siblings.

The words on my tongue come from Krog, Thamm, and Donne.

My hands are calloused from peeling potatoes at age 11.

All my life I have been working:

Fish & Chips shop, delivery girl, waitress, wine seller, intern, teacher, journalist

But my opinion is too young

I have been to the depths of depravity and survived.

Don’t tell me I’m too young.

Things I’ve seen, things I’ve done.

25 and still alive

The road has been a lonely one.



2 thoughts on “You tell me I have no experience

  1. Good morning! I think the point is a valid one. This emphasises the importance of using your resume/CV to leverage the experience you have and express in what way it represents valid experience.
    Best wishes to you and your friend.

    • Hi Rosa! Hope you are well! They didn’t teach you how unforgiving the real world was going to be at Rhodes, did they? Say hi to Simon!

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