365 days of writing prompts: Far from normal

February 18

Far from normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others
live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your
life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique,
exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

6. I love to learn new languages. I have learned English, Afrikaans, German, Dutch (yes, okay, their structures are similar) and Korean! Ha!

5. When I was 13 I was the best junior ATKV redenaar (orator) in South Africa.

4. I’ve been to Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

3. My favourite things: books, tea, boardgames. Preferably in bed.

2. I published my first story when I was 12. It was about a visit to the library.

1. I’m an adventurous eater. When I was in the Philippines I ate Balut. (Click if you dare!)

2 thoughts on “365 days of writing prompts: Far from normal

  1. I was one the best orators in my college and I can speak many languages…travelling and books are my favorite as well…that’s like lots of things in common šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

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