365 days of writing prompts

Just last night I was lying in bed thinking, I ought to write every day. Then I stumbled upon this ebook, 365 days of writing prompts, and voila, my wish has been granted. There’s also a “Zero to Hero guide” for first time bloggers. Now my steps into fiction writing can resume from where I left off before I returned to South Africa.

Yes, it’s already middle February, but better late than never.

16 February 2014

The clock

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post,
include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately
looked at the clock.”

I didn’t know for how long I’d been staring at the computer screen. Could have been hours, could have been mere minutes. The dogs were panting on the floor by my feet, their white coats begging for a wash and a cuddle.

The rain had also stopped, when I couldn’t recall. The tea whistle was agonising from neglect, the egg timer had all but given up hope of being heeded.

That wasn’t what woke me.

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.

He was back. He was back and there was tea to be made and dusting and all sorts of chores I thought I had more time for.

I heard the treads of his shoes crunch on the gravel walkway, and the dogs cowered around my unshaven legs.

He was going to be so mad. So so so mad that things were not what he had wanted them to be. The front door sighed open. The blood thudded in my ears. I looked out the window at the uncut grass, I looked at the open Word document with the unwritten sentences.

I was supposed to have done something today.

The tea whistle and the egg timer ceased fire.

I held my breath till he entered the room.


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