What are your writing resolutions?

I vowed never to make New Year’s resolutions again after my resolve to quit smoking lasted about ten minutes back in the early 2000s (don’t worry, I have since kicked the habit at a less stressful time). I’ve never been one for bandwagons, or jumping, so herewith are my writing resolutions for 2014 (but no pressure, lest I quit writing altogether).

More isn’t more. Thoughts on a page don’t equal literary genius. Err on the side of quality control.

But…don’t edit while you write. My two personalities shouldn’t meet until the end, when wine has flown freely and ideas have had time to grow roots.

Use fewer adverbs and adjectives. Not everything is awesome, contrary to what you may believe. Verbs and nouns kick ass, you know?

Split the infinitive sometimes. Break the rules. Bend the page. Stop being a grammar Nazi, it’s not sexy.

Contradict yourself. Test your boundaries, break limits.

Fuck the audience. Write for me.

Don’t compromise your voice. You’ll never forgive yourself.

What are your writing resolutions?

3 thoughts on “What are your writing resolutions?

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