reaching above my station

I feel sometimes I’m reaching above my station
I jumped too high, now I’m hanging by my fingertips
Holding so close to my breast
the stuff I’ve accumulated
What if I’m not as smart as I think I am?
Or if my smarts aren’t what the world wants
What if it was all a waste of breath?
Money Time Headspace
What if I was meant to live simpler
Not be greedy for the life of a professor
You see me and you see chubby, lazy, socially inept
Is why I don’t look in a mirror
Corrupted, corroded, still Calvinistic inside
(despite the teachings)
What if all I am is a soul with a chip in it?


One thought on “reaching above my station

  1. I don’t know if this is your voice speaking through the poem, but if it is, let me just say – “Don’t let go of your Calvinism too easily.” God’s sovereignty can make beautiful sense of the world.

    I like the question in the last line – “a soul with a chip in it”. Very descriptive.

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