The Game of Thrones of South African Politics

I’ve had some time on my hands, and pre-recorded episodes of Game of Thrones to watch, and I’ve been pondering on this idea. Who are the key players in the SA version of Game of Thrones? Granted instead of seven kingdoms we have 14 parties represented in Parliament and a shit load not represented (there’s even a dagga party, check on wikipedia). But I have thought long and hard and was able to find certain parallels between key characters in the hit HBO series and our own entertaining dance of the parliamentarians. Here they are.


First, the House Targaryan. This one is obvious, the previous regime, the National Party, with the mad King Pik Botha who ruled with an iron finger.
They tried to revive their former glory, but was wiped out during the 2004 elections and are now, after various failed alliances, defunct. But many a secret Boere heart still yearns for a leader to rise from the ashes and take back the iron throne.

House Baratheon. At first I thought Jacob Zuma is the current king in GoT, Geoffrey, but shame, he’s really not as cruel and demented as the blond ruler, and really, Zuma is more a Robert Baratheon. Fought hard in the struggle, conquered the throne from the mad king, but now that he’s on it, he still thinks of himself as a revolutionary. Instead of playing the game of thrones, he spends his time conquering woman and engaging in sport. We all know where that got him.rob b zuma

Then we have the opposition with the most support, the Starks. Eddard Stark (Tony Leon) fought a brave and noble cause, but his ultimate unwillingness to play the game led him to his demise. Now we have Helen Zille, (Robb Stark? Catelyn?) who just can’t get it right. The latest DA poster will suffice to show how these group of people have one thing in common, they are too uncompromising and unsubtle to win the war.
DA poster
Yeah. Pissing people off always works in politics.

And then we have House Lannister. They always pay their debts, hey Guptas? Lannisters
zuma and guptas

With so many new characters frequently entering the show, who will win the Game of Thrones?

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