What a lekker challenge, ne?

Write a post written entirely in slang, dialect, or a regional accent. This can be a way of speaking that is completely familiar to you or a form of linguistics that you’ve always been curious about.

Ek sê my bra, it’s a lekker challenge, ne?
Ja, my lanie, maar it’s ok a lekker sarmie you’ve got there.
Ja, jy’s lekker jaloes, my wife made boerie rolls last night for dinner.
Issit? And how’s the lady doing? Still on the go, hey?
Of course, my bra, she’s mos not old yet. She’s got lots of oil in her pipes.
Did you hear about Old Jan Broek’s wife?
Nai, wat mekier haar?
Shame, man. She’s not orraait. She sees spoeke.
Spoeke? Ooo djirre, los yt.
Los wat yt?
Die spoeke. It gives me the horries, man.
But Jan Broek is a lekker oke, hey. Just his wife’s a bit kens.
No, she’s over the wall, ek se.
Ek se ok dai ding.
Dai ding hy byt.
But it’s because she’s born with the helm.
The watsegoed?
The helm, she can communicate with spoeke.
Ja is.
Shame, man.
Ja, shame.

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