Collect people, places and things

young hands twist the knob on the urn
as she fills the coffee cup.
Smiles through still-half-asleep tears at the early risers
en route to other things.
She twirls her hair back into her bun under her baseball cap
and wishes them a good day.
Her eyes glitter as the sun rises over the city.
I see her every day.

A Place
by the train station
a sleep deprived man on the wall waves his coffee and bagel at the crowd
as if to say, good morning. Do come inside.
Inside, rows and rows of bagels, sesame, blueberry, garlic and onion
vegetable cream cheese, a table by the window for them with more time.
The familiar whiff of morning coffee.
It’s warm and safe in here.

A Thing
cling chink-a-ting clink against the metal surface.
Bacon sizzles on the grill.
Slice through the soft white bread, smoosh,
Chop top the tomatoes clean through
Raised in the air, it catches the first rays of morning sun.
It glints in that moment always.

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