Conversation between a knit cap and a fancy hat

A knit cap and a fancy hat are piled atop boxes and books on a teacher’s desk.

KC: Why does she look so sad?

FH: She just had lunch.

KC: It was that bad?

FH: I couldn’t have been, she hasn’t reached for the cookie jar yet.

KC: What do you think it is then?

FH: Well, when she came back from lunch, did anything happen?

KC: Nothing out of the ordinary. We just walked up the stairs past some students.

FH: Were the students rude?

KC: Not particularly.

FH: Were they loud?

KC: As loud as students are when they’re going on vacation.

FH: Did they say anything to her?

KC: Some did, others didn’t really.

FH: Maybe she’s sad because it’s over.

KC: Maybe she’s sad because it’s not over yet.

FH: Think, Knit Cap, I can’t bear to see her so miserable.

KC: You know, she was saying hello to her girls and to the younger students, when she just got quiet.

FH: That could be it! What happened at that moment she got quiet?

KC: Some boys came down the stairs.

FH: Did she say hello to them?

KC: She started smiling, but they were scowling, so she just walked past them.

FH: Do you think she feels bad for ignoring them.

KC: Probably. She always feels bad when she thinks she’s been mean to someone.

FH: But did the boys deserve it?

KC: Probably. They hit puberty and went from amiable kids to raging animals.

FH: So maybe she’s sad that she’s leaving, but the kids don’t seem to care.

KC: But they are kids, what does she want from them?

FH: She knows that they are just kids, but maybe she doesn’t want to feel like she’s wasted a large chunk of time.

KC: The boys are just trying to be cool, to assert their manliness.

FH: You think she did the right thing to ignore them?

KC: I think she shouldn’t worry about it. Since when should a teacher greet her students first? They should have said, “hello teacher.” Not the other way round.

FH: Well, anyway, she still looks down.

KC: Maybe it’s the bad coffee?

FH: Or the lunch. You didn’t tell me what it was.

KC: A blob of white rice and 3 spicy side dishes.

FH: Yuck. I think that’s it.

KC: You know, I think it’s all those things.

FH: Look, she’s getting up.

KC: Where’s she going?

FH: To the loo, maybe?

KC: Oh, she’s making a cup of tea.

FH: Hush, do you hear that?

KC: She’s humming.

FH: That’s a good sign.

KC: Pipe down, she’s coming back.

FH: She looks fine to me now.

KC: Thank goodness, I was going to feel her stew in it all the way home.

Pair of gloves: Can you two keep it down? We’re trying to take a nap!

KC: Sorry.

FH: Gee, some people.

PoGs: Hello! Quiet, please.

KC: Fine.

FH: Fascist.

KC: F-

PoGs: A-hem!


The end


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