Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

As this year is finally coming to an end, (although it does feel to me like the real end is February 25th when my contract ends and I will go forth into the unknown world once again) I can look back at all the highlights that made up 2012.

The biggest highlight was of course seeing Radiohead live at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival in the scorching South Korean summer. We spent the weekend in tiny tents, with the humidity and the heat, not to mention the hangover, forcing us up at 6 in the morning to find shade and water. I also got to see Owl City, even if my friends weren’t as enthused by it as I was.

Jisan Valley rocks!

That leads to another great thing about this year, which was all the camping. Sean and I bought a small, blue tent from HomePlus, and we took it to Ulleongdo, a small, beautiful Korean island, as well as to a South African braai held in a field somewhere near somewhere in Korea. (I didn’t exactly pay attention to our whereabouts, did I?)My blue tent on Ulleongdo SA campWe definitely tried to spend more time outdoors when the weather was fine. We  went to the strawberry festival in spring and picked our own strawberries. I also got to dress up like a strawberry.hehehe strawberry fields forever

Keeping in trend with our resolution to spend more time outdoors, we visited national parks when the cherry blossoms appeared, and we also visited a traditional village by the seaside. This is where 2012 is sad too, because as is the nature of working overseas, we had to say good bye to some people, and Yeongdeok was my last visit with my friend, Sydney.traditional village hwawon east coast

This was also the year of the big project. Public school teachers from different countries got together to hold a Global English Festival, where teachers decorated a classroom like their countries, and play games and did fun activities from their cultures. The South African team rocked it out, and I made some awesome friends in the process. Our class teamwork

When I think about this year, it was really, the best of times and the worst of times. I’ve felt lonely and bruised, tired and useless, but I’ve also had fun, been inspired, and accomplished small things that has made all of this worth it. In the end it’s the things you remember that make up an experience, and I choose to remember the awesomeness of 2012!


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