Weekly photo challenge: renewal

Renewal in four shots

Steam on – Every morning I walk past this mandu (steamed dumplings) restaurant, and some mornings, when the air is cold enough, the steam from the giant chimney billows in the air like the breath from a giant dragon. I’ve been trying to capture the fleeting image with my Cannon point-and- shoot for months now, and this is what I got this morning.

Baked – This image is from the bakery around the corner from my house. Nothing conjures up the image of renewal more than freshly baked bread and pastries. Can you smell it?

Crunch – Autumn is rapidly disappearing, making way for winter. I still love stepping on the leaves and hearing them crunch under my feet.Persimmon – In the evening, after dinner, nothing renews your strength like warm persimmon tea with it’s musky, cinnamon flavour that lingers on and on and warms your body from the inside out.





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