Weekly Writing Challenge: A picture is worth a thousand words.

“Goodness sake, Susan, hurry up. We’ve got to go.”

“Have you put Lydia’s bonnet on yet?”

“There is no time, we are already late and the snoogleworms are going to be here any minute.”

“Oh James, dear, stop rambling. And don’t speak with your mouth full, Henry will pick up on your habits.”

“Don’t you hear me, woman? There is no time. The snoogleworms are on their way with their evaporators, we’ve got to go!”

“Have the children brushed their teeth yet? They can’t go anywhere without brushing their teeth.”

“They won’t have anywhere to go to if we don’t leave the planet this instant. Come on, I’ve turned our car into an omega x space battleship,  not a time machine. We haven’t a second to waste.”

Attention Earthlings. We are no longer convinced that you are sentient beings. Prepare to be evaporated.

“Did you hear that, Susan? Do you believe me now?”

“When’s the last time you cleaned the attic, dear? I do believe I hear some mice scurrying about.”

“No, no, no, the mice left two weeks ago. We’re the only ones still clinging on. Oh, Henry, Lydia, come children, in the car you go.”

“But they haven’t had breakfast yet, James. Surely you don’t want them to starve to death?”


“Goodness me, alright then, get in the car, children. Daddy is awfully upset this morning.”

“My coat is scratchy.”

“My hat is itchy.”

“Enough! Everyone in the car right this instant.”

T minus one minute to operation evaporation.

“Did you hear that? They are coming. We need to move fast.”

“Oh, my dear, look at this light, and you all look so adorable today, especially you, Mister Grumps. I simply must take a picture.”

“Take a … what? Susan, my love, my….”

“Just a quick photo, dear. Gather round daddy, children. Say cheese.”



Swooop. Shloerp. Swelsh. Shleeerp.

Much, much later…

Commander. Look what we have uncovered. 

I do believe those are Earthlings.

How can we be sure?

You see the sheer panic on their faces, mixed with confusion and dread?

Yes, sir.

That’s humanity.


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