forgotten flavours

I must be the only person I know who prefers to eat ice cream in winter. Today on my way home from work I stopped by the Korean Baskin Robbins for a frozen yogurt. There were only two kinds of frozen yogurts, and I chose the one with the least calories. As I licked my first spoonful it hit me right between the eyes, straight in the middle of my brain, not just the cold, but the keen sensation of a memory that is just outside my reach.

It was bitter and sweet, zesty and lemony, something I have tasted a million times before, but I could not remember. I closed my eyes on the escalator, pinched them shut in deep concentration, and licked my spoon over and over again. It was so close, but my tongue just couldn’t roll over the sounds in my head to form a word for the memory. Where had I eaten it before? When did I eat it? I remembered experiencing the taste often, why oh why could I not. just. spit. it?

Out! Marmelade! It was marmelade flavoured frozen yogurt! I’ve tasted it a million times before on toast, but haven’t had it in two years, ever since I came to Korea!

I wonder what other tastes I have forgotten, and how I will feel when I put them on my tongue again after two years. It’s an exciting thought, and something to look forward to about going home.


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