A blog a day? Perhaps…

I was planning on doing Nanowrimo, but now I’m starting to freak out. I pitched the idea to my boyfriend over dinner late last night on our way home from a meeting, and he made me wonder if I could  cope with the workload. This month is so hectic, I can’t even get to the small things anymore. I teach a full day from Monday to Friday, and then I teach two hours two nights a week. I can’t even get through this one post, I’m constantly bombarded with food and memos. (Not a terrible life, I’ll admit.) I’ve also taken on a big project for the end of November. All the Native English teachers in Korea are going to represent their countries at the Global festival in Daegu, and my friends and I are representing South Africa. We have many games and activities to plan, and I will post about that a little later.

But the point of all this is that I might not do Nanowrimo, but I’m happy to try to write a post every day. This is cool, thank you. And now I must go wipe noses and, no Minkyu put that down!

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