There’s a brief moment in the morning

There’s a brief moment in the morning, before voices permeate my thoughts, and warped renditions of Edelweiss penetrate my ears from the third grade classrooms, before doors open and smartphone games irk my senses on the subway, a fleeting moment, between shrill laughter and barked orders, when my mind is still, and my cheeks feel the crisp air swirl around in the early silver dust at dawn. There’s an image of what the day could be like if I asked for it, if I reached out and willed it so. There’s magic in the moment between space and sound. And then the bleeding pop songs, screeching recorders, gangnam styles, jagged conversations and questions about my personal life kick in, and all evaporates before my hands can reach out and hold on to the sprinkled dust of my dreams.


5 thoughts on “There’s a brief moment in the morning

    • Thank you so much. Every morning I walk past a dumpling restaurant, and it has a big silver chimney that fills the sky with grey smoke. That’s what inspired that image. Thank you for reading my stories.

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